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Dilemma to the ship with the enterprises to break through survival

Because of shrinking market demand, serious excess capacity, corporate orders fell sharply in China, part of the ship power enterprises to vigorously carry out non ship equipment manufacturing business, to make up for the lack of industry order gap. However, due to the fierce competition in the market, the development of the ship distribution enterprises is full of risks and challenges. A plate of raw materials such as high cost, low price, less follow-up orders, accounts receivable and payment “two gold” occupy high, contract payment terms and other factors lead to more and more demanding enterprise funds pressure is increasing, all these factors make the enterprises fettered. At the same time, with the increase of “short, flat and fast” projects and the increasingly fierce competition in Japan, Korea and other foreign markets, the production and operation of ship distribution enterprises are facing great challenges. Most business leaders admitted that the face of “difficult to pick up”, “profit difficult”, “payment of goods difficult to return” challenges, enterprises completed the task for the year, facing enormous pressure.
Order gap increase
Idle capacity increases
“Since the beginning of this year, the production load of enterprises is insufficient, and the output value and output have dropped by 33% and 34% respectively.” A propeller manufacturer official said, the market continues to slump, making business orders more difficult. Reporters learned that this is not the case in the marine power electromechanical enterprises, since the beginning of this year, the market downturn, the majority of enterprises order gap is increasing, many ships enterprise responsible for the completion of this year, the annual task were enormous pressure on next year’s production plan also deeply worried.
At the same time, as the order gap increases, idle capacity further increases. “Although with orders, orders for multiple products is increasing, but these projects are less, low price, plus a boat companies require deferred delivery products continue to increase, to the enterprise’s inventory has also brought a certain pressure.” A ship machine company official said, due to lack of hand-held orders, production plans next year enterprise also has 100 million yuan order gap, workshop half capacity has been idle, if the second half has not signed the order, then the enterprise will face the first half of next year to start “out of stock” risk.
In addition, due to the general decline in business operating rate, in order to snatch orders, the ship also appeared between enterprises “lowest bid” phenomenon, which makes many ships with business leaders feel helpless. A mechanical and electrical enterprises responsible person to reporters calculations, for example: auxiliary equipment to the ceiling the pure material price of 90 yuan / square meters, the additional cost is 10 yuan / piece, freight is 5.5 yuan, the packaging fee is 2.3 yuan / square meters, outsourcing labor costs 3 yuan / square meter…… The minimum cost of all raw materials should be 116 yuan / square meter. However, at present, many of the products participating in the bidding are priced at 108 yuan / square meter. The person in charge said that in the production capacity is more serious than the market demand situation, “the lowest bid” has seriously disrupted the normal order of competition. Especially with the sharp rise in raw material prices, the “lowest bid” will enable enterprises to face greater risks.
In order to overcome the above adverse factors, some of the ship power, electrical and mechanical enterprises responsible person said, “grab orders, seek survival” is imperative. Some ship companies will adjust as the main business center for high technology ships, high value-added and high quality projects, and focus on products to focus tracking; and develop new markets based ship with enterprises in the existing product category, take measures to ease the marine industry orders less pressure to implement as soon as possible next year’s production task. In addition, some enterprises focus their efforts on “improving internal strength”, strengthening management in the aspects of quality, service and production, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.
For the first half operating orders this year, industry experts suggested that enterprises should accelerate to expand business channels, combing carefully study the target customers of all aspects of the situation, do a good job to visit, to catch early orders, seize orders. At the same time, we should attach great importance to the management of hand order projects and the commissioning service of shipyards, so as to prevent the risk of “abandoning the single”, strengthen confidence and fully accomplish the annual production and management tasks.
“Two gold” occupied seriously

The Convention “discounted” effect of ballast water system manufacturers have to be patient”

September 8th is the “international ship ballast water and sediment control and Management Convention” entered into force for many days, and has been optimized for many years to invest a lot of money to the manufacturers in the ballast water management system, which is supposed to be a “Big Dipper”. However, a month and a half ago, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) the seventy-first session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 71) resolution on the part of the existing ship ballast water management system for the date of installation phase arrangements, but let “the ultimate effect of Ballast Water Management Convention” big discount. However, the domestic manufacturers of ballast water management systems to correct view of the fact that, even if the outbreak of ballast water management systems market Youdaishiri, still more of a patient and calm, a little restless and impatient, strengthen confidence, continue to intensify efforts to develop product development, market, accelerate the speed of product certification, to further improve the the global customer service service network, in order to at the end of the market and lay a solid foundation for talent shows itself in the war.
In recent years, as one of the few with the international well-known enterprises stand in the same starting line of the industry, China’s development of ballast water management systems industry is very rapid, although facing fierce market competition, but is still showing a thriving scene: some enterprises have already passed the United States Coast Guard (USCG) certification, and a number of Companies in the queue waiting for certification; some enterprises ballast water management system of annual sales can be discharged into the world’s top five enterprises and the world famous; some of the ballast water system manufacturer cooperation, to jointly develop the market. Domestic ballast water management system manufacturers have already done a good job of capacity upgrading, market development and after-sales service network construction and so on, looking forward to the “Ballast Water Management Convention” in force, usher in “harvest season.””.
However, the “ballast water management convention,” “discount” effective news, but to the domestic ballast water management system vendors poured a cold water. On the one hand, a lot of ballast water management systems manufacturers upfront investment funds, great labor force, for the establishment of product certification, market development and customer service service network, need the product “cash” to ease the pressure; on the other hand, with the “management of Ballast Water Convention” “parts”, there will be some manufacturers choose to “leave” and more “admission”, which means that market competition will become more intense. In addition, distrust facing greater pressure from the ballast water management system of shipping enterprises, the United States Classification Society (ABS) recently launched a to the owners and operators of ballast water management systems application survey shows that 43% of the “non operational” or “problems”. Up to now, the ballast water management system, whether domestic or abroad, has had accidents during the operation of the real ship, which has sounded the alarm for the manufacturers.
With the market of ballast water management system becoming more and more mature, the way to exploit the market by price war is obviously not feasible. In this situation, the first domestic manufacturers to continue to increase in product research and development efforts, accelerate the pace of product upgrades, to ensure that products meet the requirements of the shipowner in quality, safety, environmental protection and other aspects in green, meet the IMO standards and specification requirements; secondly we should strengthen cooperation with shipping enterprises, targeted ballast water management systems to provide comprehensive training for its operations, to avoid long-term use may bring potential risks, to ensure that the system is good and safe operation; again to continue to accelerate the USCG key organizational identification, as owners of the layout of the global route to ensure the shipping enterprises terminate menace from the rear, can run smoothly in the world at the end of route; to continue to improve the global customer service service network, and strive to provide cover up maintenance service for the whole life cycle of the owner And improve their market competitiveness.
“No haste, be employed zhiyuan.” Although “discount”, but this is only a long process of development of ballast water management system, and the full implementation of the Convention on ballast water management is still imperative. Therefore, the domestic manufacturers of ballast water system management burden “in the market should not be relaxed, but to make greater efforts to improve their own strength, full range, to provide cost-effective products for customers. As long as can persist, for ballast water management systems market completely when the outbreak is the home of ballast water management systems manufacturers won the day.

Ship emission control requirements are more stringent

Since September 1, 2017, the control requirements for the ship emission control area of the Yangtze River Delta have been fully implemented in 2018. That is to say, all ships need to be replaced with low sulfur fuel, or shore power, tail gas after treatment. Before the Yangtze River Delta, the ship emission control area, the core port, Shanghai port, Ningbo – Zhoushan port, Suzhou port and Nantong port took the lead in implementing the ship emission control plan in April 1st last year. Industry experts believe that the move will speed up the elimination of old vessels and existing ship equipment transformation brings good.
The emission control area to promote the working group meeting in the year 2017 days prior to the convening of the ship in the waters of Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai maritime bureau, environmental protection bureau of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Provincial Department of transportation introduced ship emission control area project implementation progress of the region, as well as the use of supervision, in the construction and use of low sulfur fuel oil to shore liquefied natural gas (LNG) made of alternative energy and other aspects of the work. Monitoring statistics show that air quality around the Yangtze River Delta in recent years were improved, the concentration of sulfur dioxide in Shanghai harbor area decline is particularly significant, 4~12 months of 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, Shanghai City East Takahashi monitoring station of sulfur dioxide concentration decreased by 52%; the new city of Jiangwan monitoring station of the concentration of sulfur dioxide decreased by 23%. The first half of 2017, Ningbo Zhenhai air quality monitoring point of sulfur dioxide concentration fell by 31%, Beilun air quality monitoring point of sulfur dioxide concentration fell 21%. According to the requirements of the ship emission control scheme in the Yangtze River Delta area, since January 1, 2019, ships will enter the emission control area with low sulfur fuel, and then the air quality in the Yangtze River Delta region will be further improved.
On the next step, to promote the recommendations of the working group to try to build “shore power demonstration zone”, “exploration of shore power use of cost sharing mechanism; actively promote the LNG, electric power and other marine new energy alternatives, increase the alternative industry support for new energy, clear LNG ship supporting filling site (mobile and fixed) construction specification, to simplify the approval process, strengthen the operability of the filling of the construction site.
It is reported that the Ministry of transport issued the “Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai (Beijing, Tianjin) waters ship emission control zone implementation plan”, has been phased since January 2016. The program since January 1, 2018, the ship should use the sulfur content of less than 0.5% in emission control area of all ports moored during fuel, and encourage the use of sulfur content in ship moored during the period of not more than 0.1% of the fuel.

Inland ship electric popular time

In June this year, the Ministry of transport promulgated the “ship and port pollutant prevention and control special action implementation plan (2015~2020 years)” (draft). The draft clearly pointed out that by the end of 2017, China will carry out the application of pure electric boats in inland water passenger ships and official boats. Insiders said that, at present, there are still some obstacles in promoting the application of pure electric ships. We should vigorously develop pure electric ships, and the government and enterprises still have a lot of work to do.
Many places want to push inland river pure electric ship technology
Recently, China’s environmental laws and regulations relating to air pollution in ships have been intensively introduced. In January 1, 2015, the newly revised “environmental protection law”, which was “the most strict in history”, came into force. In June, the Ministry of environmental protection formulated the “ship engine exhaust pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (China’s first and second stages)” began to solicit opinions. The standard requires that the first stage of ship particulate emissions will be reduced by about 70% in the current basis, nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 20%; the second phase particles and NOx will drop 40% and 20% on the basis of the first phase. At the same time, the Ministry of transport promulgated the “implementation plan for the prevention and control of pollutants in ships and ports (2015~2020 years)” (draft). The draft clearly, will learn from international experience, to carry out the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai and other key areas of marine atmospheric pollutant emission control research work, in order to promote the construction control of ship air pollutants.
In order to meet the requirements of the implementation and implementation of the laws and regulations, many people in the industry are focusing on the production and application of pure electric boats. Pure electric ship quiet, no vibration, exhaust emissions almost zero, inland ships and yachts are very suitable for pure electric drive. Guangdong Jin Xinbao yacht manufacturing limited company general manager Jin Liangsong said that if the technology of pure electric ship can be widely used in the field of yacht manufacturing, not only can greatly improve the yacht comfort, but also can prevent the waste gas yacht, good prospects for development.
At present, some provinces have started relevant research and made progress. Zhejiang province Huzhou port and Shipping Bureau declared “new energy, pure electric propulsion system in inland river ship application technology research” project has passed the expert review. The project intends to solve the inland large tonnage ships use pure electric propulsion system to meet the technical problems, including long range, large power and long life etc.. The Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Chinese CCS Shanghai branch, Shanghai Ruihua Group Co., Ltd. joint declaration of the inland electric double electric boat “project has been the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Association recommended for the achievement of innovation of science and technology of Shanghai City, Shanghai City Traffic Commission has begun to study the achievement of innovation of science and technology applied in the ship, and once said the effect is good, the future will be large-scale promotion, at the same time increase along the river charging pile construction.

Take the initiative and cultivate new momentum for breaking development

In order to conform to the current marine products at high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving development trend, Anqing marine diesel engine limited company to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and announced in March this year, China’s first with a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient type of completely independent intellectual property rights of the high power medium speed four stroke marine natural gas engine – ACD320G gas engine, fill our blank in the field of ship speed of gas engine. This is a successful case that boat enterprise has taken the initiative to adapt to the new market demand, and has broken through the development of the shipbuilding market during the period of sustained downturn. In the days prior to the convening of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, half power electromechanical sector will promote the work, the person in charge of the more than 40 power enterprises in-depth study of the market demand facing the ship with industry fatigue, competitive environment continues to deteriorate, the production and operation of enterprises difficult dilemma, and take effective measures to achieve the development of breaking.
After the international financial crisis, shipping market downturn, shipbuilding enterprises operating pressure to ship with the enterprise conduction, from “order shortage” to “delivery” enterprises, domestic power began to take the initiative to find a way out, in the consolidation of the status of the traditional shipping market at the same time, to develop new markets. Some enterprises through research and development efforts to upgrade products, made progress in new product industrialization; some enterprises through business model innovation, product design, development, sales and customer service service etc. to achieve a breakthrough; some enterprises actively docking the German industrial 4 “and” 2025 “Chinese manufacturing and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, and strengthen international cooperation, to create innovation driven development of the new engine”. Through the initiative as these power enterprises not only broadens the multiple point of growth, to win the market, but also make their own anti risk ability strengthens unceasingly, has injected new energy for the enterprise to realize the downturn in the market environment breaking development.
Foothold in the main business
Broaden the related multiple growth points
“The market demand of the ship allocation has been shrinking, and the orders of enterprises in the” sea market “continued to decline in the first half of last year, and the completion of the sales target was very unsatisfactory. In order to fulfill the annual target, enterprises must cultivate new projects and expand new markets.” A number of domestic power enterprises responsible person said, the first half of this year, in promoting the power, efforts to improve the development quality and economic benefits, by increasing the underground space engineering equipment, environmental engineering equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, equipment information system has some basic non ship equipment market development efforts, enterprises will continue to develop tentacles toward national construction, cutting-edge technology, social and other fields, to realize the balanced development of shipbuilding and non ship equipment.
Led by scientific and technological innovation, many power machinery and electrical enterprises through the introduction, digestion and absorption, and constantly enrich the product spectrum of enterprises to survive the market downturn. The first half of this year, an independent development company to accelerate the pace of firewood, the successful development of ACD320G (gas), by Chinese Veritas (CCS) product type approval, Bureau Veritas (BV) design approval, planning of ACD320 spectrum planning, and by changing the diameter, fuel, arrangement, realization of the series of the engine; in addition, the company also completed an ACD320DF (dual fuel engine) diesel engine prototype test work mode, provide technical support for the sustainable development of the company, and further improve the market competitiveness of products.
There are a number of enterprises in the field of non ship equipment to achieve a major breakthrough, through the development of land power plant and nuclear power equipment, underground space engineering equipment, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in terms of specialization, scale development, cultivate new growth points. Hudong Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. to nuclear emergency generator, land power station, underground space equipment as the key of the development of complete sets of equipment, and vigorously expand the measuring and testing, technical training, equipment maintenance and non ship service. Through efforts, in the first half of this year, the company’s non ship revenue grew by 85.59%. Has successfully delivered the world’s first high-temperature gas cooled reactor, 6PA6LN, 1E class emergency diesel generator set; Shidao Bay project nuclear power emergency generator set to complete the manufacture, delivery, on-site installation and commissioning, an important breakthrough. At the same time, Hudongchongji to the main drive of development as the starting point, the core component of shield autonomous development, localization, and successfully undertake domestic 19 meters maximum rectangular shield structure production has been completed at present foreign experience, the upcoming assembly debugging.
In addition, many enterprises to increase foreign cooperation, more force to enhance efficiency, through actively go out, dig deep market potential, to build foreign cooperation “new engine””. In ship power limited company by power plants, diesel in the machine denitration system (SCR), dual fuel engine protection device products and small bore low speed machine field has made a major breakthrough, laid a solid foundation for improving product competitiveness and market share, build the transformation and development of new engine. At the same time, the company is working with China energy conservation and environmental protection group, the use of photovoltaic power generation technology and mature business model, combined with the experience of diesel power generation company, without increasing the investment cost, to jointly develop photovoltaic power plant market, and actively seek the market construction of distributed energy power plant.
CSSC electromechanical Department official said that at present, some marine power enterprises, through their own efforts to open up a new situation in the non ship business development, effectively compensate for the shortage of marine industry orders. Therefore, facing the market difficulties in the latter half of the year, the power electromechanical enterprises should strengthen the management of the marine seafood market

Practice green development ship enterprises should have greater responsibility

The day before, the fourth batch of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors to carry out the work in all. So far, the central environmental protection inspector has realized the full coverage of the 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The central environmental protection inspector to sustainable development, is an important system arrangement of Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection work, embodies the “green development become an important concept for economic and social development in 13th Five-Year” and even a longer period. With the arrival of the era of China’s ecological civilization, promoting green development has become an important task for the shipbuilding industry. Shipping enterprises should be forward-looking vision, to see a huge green space development and the important significance to carry out the green development concept, strengthen the consciousness of green development responsibility, and unswervingly follow the road of green development, with action to tamp green manufacturing in the grand blueprint for the all-round construction of shipbuilding in an indispensable position.
In the practice of green development, China’s shipbuilding industry started earlier, has formed a solid foundation, in green planning and reconstruction of the factory, the development and application of green manufacturing process, effective operation of energy, environment, occupation health and safety management system and continuous improvement are quite effective. Among them, the ship’s central enterprises are in the forefront of the industry, played a strong exemplary leading role. For example, the China State Shipbuilding Corporation always put environmental protection as a bounden duty, to continue the implementation of “green shipbuilding” and “green ship”, the development of energy saving and environmental protection products, advocate green office, actively building a “green ship”. However, compared with the new situation and new requirements of “green development” and “green rising”, there are still many deficiencies in the green development of ship enterprises in china. On the one hand, environmental protection under the weight of ship enterprise green development is more serious and urgent and arduous than ever before; on the other hand, part of the idea of green development of shipping enterprises lags behind, unable to keep up with the pace of development. To promote green manufacturing, and take the road of green development, shipping enterprises should be actively as serious environmental interpretation of new policies and regulations, and put into action, strengthen energy conservation management, to further promote the harmonious development and natural environment.
So, how does the ship enterprise take the initiative in green development? First of all, the green process is the foundation. In June 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the “fixed pollution source emission permit classification management directory (2017 Edition)”, will clear the ship manufacturing (with electroplating process or painting process and using oil paint and diluent of 10 tons and above), scrapping and ship repair management as the implementation of key industries, apply for discharge permit shall be in before 2020, to achieve discharge standards. Therefore, the process for shipping enterprises to painting, welding, processing and other main pollution sources, increase research efforts, focused, step by step to promote the shipbuilding technology and technological method innovation, from the source to improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce or eliminate pollutants; necessary investment for treatment of pollutants purification, pollution control to obtain the effective support of science and technology.
Secondly, “green management” is the guarantee. Ship enterprises should strengthen the bottom line awareness of environmental protection, adhere to the “people-oriented” concept, the health, safety, ecology, environmental protection requirements throughout the enterprise management work. For example, in the production site to promote 5S/6S management, promote the green shipbuilding evaluation index and assessment system of energy saving and emission reduction, process optimization implementation efficiency, strictly control the error in the production process, a comprehensive measure of the procurement of goods economy and environmental protection, environmental risk analysis and formulate relevant contingency plans etc.. At the same time, promoting public participation in environmental protection in accordance with the law is a clear requirement for the construction of ecological civilization. In the dissemination of information more timely, interactive and more flexible today, shipping enterprises should also accept the supervision of society in a positive and open attitude, combined with environmental information disclosure, regularly publish environmental social responsibility report, allow enterprises to run in the sun.
“He hold, a pole slack back spirited away.” With the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection work has been placed in a more important strategic position, green manufacturing has become an important direction of China’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Green development is not only the need for ecological development, but also the key to the success of China’s shipbuilding industry in the international market. Shipping enterprises should consider the green environmental protection standard, technology development level and the actual operational requirements of the owner, in the “Chinese manufacturing 2025” under the guidance of facing the contradictions and difficulties, accelerate green transformation, establish green manufacturing system requirements of the construction of ecological civilization for the shipbuilding industry to high-end green gene implantation.

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